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Should I consider taking a packrafting course before I plan a trip.

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Its too difficult to access via canoe or kayak as the easiest exit place involves a 15km bushwalk.

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Land Water Adventures specializes in guiding group courses, individual trainings, and outdoor adventures in Germany, Iceland, Norway and beyond.

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Alaska Packrafting Packrafting is at the forefront of Alaskan exploration and NOLS is right there with it.I have done two Its too difficult to access via canoe or kayak as the easiest exit place involves a 15km bushwalk.

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A friend recently got me intrigued with the idea of packrafting trips in shallow desert rivers.Longing for some sun and always wanting to go to the Baja peninsula, we headed for Mexico.Here is a list of links that can help you choosing a destination.

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This video depicts a 110-mile, 6-day solo hiking and packrafting trip up the length of Kodiak Island from Alitak to the city of Kodiak.The American Packrafting Association is an international association of paddlers dedicated to the conservation of wild rivers and wild places, promotion of packrafter safety and education, and preservation of packrafting opportunities on wild rivers and in wild places.

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Mangaweka packrafting NZ meet up A social introductory Packrafting trip and skills weekend.

Shortly after our journey and begins we enter the first gorge with the main white water of the trip.

Dive in with tips for beginners and four Northeastern itineraries from an experienced enthusiast.Packrafting is possibly one of the most interesting and most Alaskan of backcountry trips.There are three local guiding companies in the Kennicott area that offer river rafting trips.As packrafting gains more recognition worldwide as a vehicle for river and remote exploration, it is important we begin preparing in a way many seasoned kayakers already do.I was excited to go back and hike a little bit on the trail, check out some high.A relatively straight-forward out and back weekend trip to a beautiful braided river beneath Mt Hooker.

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Packrafting with an inflatable raft is a fun way to enhance your backcountry adventure by giving you the ability to travel over water, not just overland by foot.Our guides will ensure your safety and will completely prepare you for your own future packrafting trips A packraft is a small (usually one-person) raft which, because of its light weight (5 pounds), can easily be carried in a backpack on a multiple day trip.Packrafting is a brilliant way to continue your journey when water gets in the way.Wilderness trips in the mountains and rivers of Alaska can be enhanced with a rental from Pacraft Alaska.An 8 day adventure on the Alatna River where the paddling is fast and fun, the hiking is superb and where the open tundra provides long vistas and wildlife encounters.

What is your Groover set up for a packraft, last time I used wag bags and a 4 inch piece of plumbing pipe, it got full too soon, I feel like there is a better way, please help.

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We knew it was a world famous kayaking location and wanted to try it with the packrafts.Packrafting Rim to Rim Trip Ratings DIFFICULTY LEVEL 5 Our difficulty ratings are based on a scale of 1-5, tours with a rating of 1 being least difficult, tours with a rating of 5 being most difficult.

This summer, guides Cody, Emma, Sarah, and SEAG owner Gaia took an afternoon off to packraft the Lakina River.Solo Packrafting trip through the Northern Rocky Mountains. Alaska Hwy. near Summit Lake, BC - Racing River - Magnum Mine - Churchill Creek - Grizzly Pass - Gataga River about 20km upstream of Mayfield Lake on foot in 5 days.Packraft and trail boat are colloquial terms for a small, portable inflatable boat designed for use in all bodies of water, including technical whitewater and ocean bays and fjords.

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If your looking for an individualized trip rather than the group trips your are usually involved in following a cruise this is the perfect trip.