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He or she may also take some nail clippings or scrape debris from under your nail and send the sample to a lab to identify the type of fungus causing the infection.

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If you have a fungus infection and you are thinking about different treatments, there are a few options: Not having treatment and living with the condition.

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The patented Toenail Laser is a specially designed laser beam that goes through the nail and safely reduces the fungal infection in the nail bed that cause Onychomycosis — more commonly known as toenail fungus.We use the Hyper Blue 1530 laser that goes directly on the infected nail.

While extremely common, onychomycosis causes the nails of the toe or finger to take on an unsightly appearance and can lead to a lack of confidence when going barefoot or wearing sandals.Toenail fungus affects nearly 25 million people around the United States, alone.Sole Foot and Ankle Specialists now offer laser treatment for the removal of toenail fungus.

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We offer the latest new laser treatment for chronic toenail fungus for one toe or all 10.

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It is caused by a group of fungus called dermatophytes, which thrives in warm, moist environments, like.

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Unfortunately, the oral anti-fungal medications need to be taken for 6 to 12 weeks.

Since it is visually noticeable in the form of discoloration, toenail fungus is a great source of embarrassment in public situations, causing people to hide their feet in shoes and socks.Since 2010, Clear Skin Victoria has been the Islands leading laser nail health clinic.Symptoms may include white or yellow nail discoloration, thickening of the nail, and separation of the nail from the nail bed.

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There are three ways to treat nail fungus: medication, surgery, or a laser.

Medications come in the form of pills, creams, and special nail polish.

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The PinPointe laser is an FDA approved laser to treat toenail fungus and nail fungus.The most common cause of brittle yellowing nails is fungal toenail infection.

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He has the most experience and has performed more procedures than anyone in Tampa Bay.

To make the most of your investment of time and hundreds of dollars, be sure to treat your shoes as well.

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Tiny pulses of light from the laser pass through the toenail to the fungus underneath.

Clinically proven, this treatment eradicates unsightly nail pathogens without the harmful side effects of oral medications and typically takes only thirty minutes to perform.

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Using a state-of-the-art laser, we can eliminate the pathogens that cause toenail.Several kinds of laser therapies are now available, but there is limited evidence that the treatments work.At the time of the procedure, the toenail will not become instantly clear, it takes time to grow out.

You may have heard that lasers are now being used to treat fungal nail infections.Up to 30 per cent of patients with fungal nail infections also have this skin infection.

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Toenail fungus, medically known as onychomycosis, is a widespread problem affecting up to 10 percent of American adults, or 23 million people.